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Amazon Prime Photo chained and twisted

What To Do When Amazon Prime Guaranteed Delivery Doesn't Deliver

So I pouted and stewed around about it for an evening. The next morning, I checked local suppliers to see if I could order and pick up the wire locally, since Amazon couldn't even tell me for sure when I would be getting my order. I have a pretty bad attitude sometimes and I am very stubborn. Guaranteed. I really just wanted to cancel the order from Amazon at this point. Just to show them that I didn't need their crap
What are the risks of drop shipping?

Reasons Why a Startup Business Should NOT Use a Drop Shipper

Many drop shippers offer you products at a “discounted” price, but then charge inflated shipping prices and soon your profits are dwindling after covering them. So it seems like a great deal buying a tee shirt for $12 and reselling it for $20. Wow! That’s a profit of $8 right? Wrong.